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Understanding Restraining Orders in Domestic Violence Cases
POSTED ON July 20, 2024

A Florida court may issue a restraining order when they have reason to believe the safety of an individual is at risk. Florida Statute Section 741.30 provides legal protection against domestic violence in the form of a restraining order (technically known as an injunction).  If…

Everything You Need to Know About Failure to Appear
POSTED ON July 13, 2024

When an individual is legally required to show up for a court date and doesn’t appear, the judge might choose to issue a failure to appear (FTA) bench warrant.  Regardless of the reason, an FTA can have serious consequences.  What Happens if You Get an…

Differences Between Indeterminate vs. Determinate Prison Sentences
POSTED ON June 20, 2024

People who are sentenced to prison typically have one pressing question on their mind: when will they be released? The answer is often unclear, partly because not all courts have to give a precise answer. Whether one does depends on the court’s decision to impose…

Understanding How a Bail or Bond Reduction Hearing Works
POSTED ON June 13, 2024

Courts have considerable discretion in setting the amount of bail or bond you must meet before you can be released from custody on your criminal charges in Florida. Guided only by the constitutional prohibition against unreasonable bail, courts are free to consider a variety of…

Role of the Trustee in Florida Bankruptcy
POSTED ON May 16, 2024

If you are facing substantial debt in Florida, bankruptcy may be a solution that can help you recover financially. It’s not right for every scenario, though, so before choosing to file for bankruptcy, it is essential to understand how the process works. One important part…