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Inaccurate Credit Reporting (FCRA)


If your credit report contains outdated, incomplete, or erroneous information, it can seriously affect your ability to qualify for credit cards, loans, work, and insurance. However, it is your responsibility to keep track of your credit report and make a request to remove any errors. But sometimes, creditors can refuse to remove errors from your credit report even after providing the necessary proof. If you are in such a situation, you can file a lawsuit and get compensation for damages.

At Shrader Law, PLLC, our knowledgeable consumer protection attorneys will help you in handling your credit report dispute by clearing credit report errors and getting you compensated for resulting losses. This means that you will not have to suffer the dreadful consequences of a credit report with errors. All you have to do is to contact one of our attorneys and schedule a free consultation today.

How an Attorney Can Help if a Credit Reporting Agency Does Not Correct Your Credit Report

If you dispute any wrong information in your report, the credit reporting agency (CRA) must either delete the error or investigate the matter. However, sometimes credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) respond by stating that the information is accurate. This means that the error will remain in file. The next step is to take a more aggressive action by contacting a Shrader Law, PLLC consumer protection attorney. Your attorney will help you by:

Contacting the creditor

Your Florida consumer protection lawyer will contact the creditor that furnished the inaccurate information and demand that they contact the credit reporting agency to delete the error. The creditor may respond with a letter agreeing that they provided the credit reporting agency with the wrong information. Your lawyer will then send a copy of the letter to the agency.

File another dispute with more information

Your attorney will ask for more information that can help back up your claim, and then file another dispute to the agency. Therefore, provide your attorney with fresh and relevant information to help convince the credit reporting agency; otherwise, they may consider your dispute as frivolous and stop investigating the matter further.

File a lawsuit against the creditor or credit reporting agency

If other options do not work, your attorney may decide to sue your creditor or debt collector for supplying inaccurate information. However, these lawsuits are often complicated because the FCRA has created several avenues that help creditors avoid liability.

Your lawyer may also sue the credit reporting agency, especially if they have continued to give erroneous information after you requested them to delete it. Your Shrader Law, PLLC attorney could help you win punitive damages, statutory damages, attorney fees, and court costs.

When Do Your Damages Begin?

In most situations, damages begin when:

  1. Your lender submits erroneous information to a credit reporting agency
  2. You are turned down for credit because of a low credit score
  3. You dispute the inaccurate or incomplete information
  4. The error is not fixed

According to the FCRA, you can only get compensation for damages after you dispute the erroneous information, and it is not fixed. This means that you will not get compensated for damages that you suffered before filing a dispute. At Shrader Law, PLLC, our consumer protection attorneys will work with you to ensure you are fully compensated.

Talk to a Florida Consumer Protection Attorney

When a credit reporting agency makes a mistake in your credit report, it can cause serious problems. However, the FCRA offers you protection from credit reporting agencies and creditors who report erroneous credit information, fail to remove errors, or use your report for forbidden purposes.

At Shrader Law, PLLC, our experienced consumer protection attorneys offer a variety of solutions when inaccurate information is included in your credit report. We can file a lawsuit to demand the credit reporting agency fix the error and help you get compensation for damages. Call 813-360-1529 today to set up an appointment and discuss more about your credit report problem.