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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


Federal criminal charges can be catastrophic. It is essential that you do not face these charges alone. It is best to work with an experienced Florida federal criminal defense attorney who can defend your rights.

At Shrader Law, PLLC, our knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyers have years of experience. We will determine the best approach to your federal criminal charges by analyzing your case to understand your specific circumstances. This will ensure that your rights are protected and provide you with the dedicated and personalized assistance you need.


Cases Our Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Handle

Our experienced attorneys focus their practice on a wide array of federal criminal offenses, including:

  • White-collar and fraud offenses;
  • Drug crimes;
  • Embezzlement and theft crimes;
  • Cybercrimes;
  • Immigration crimes;
  • Terrorism;
  • Organized criminal activity;
  • Violation of civil rights;
  • Violent crimes;
  • Threats against members of the government.


What To Do After a Federal Arrest

If you’re facing federal criminal charges, there are some essential steps you should take and some mistakes to avoid.


Contact a federal defense lawyer immediately

If you are contacted by a federal agent about a possible investigation, it is crucial that you immediately contact a federal criminal defense lawyer. If you have already been arrested you should ask to speak to your lawyer. There may come a time when cooperation with the government is beneficial, but an attorney is needed to ensure you get proper credit for your cooperation.


Protect your rights

Just because you are under federal criminal investigation does not mean that you are not entitled to constitutional rights. This means that you are still protected against self-incrimination, unlawful search and seizure, and have a right to legal representation. Therefore, if you believe that any of your rights have been violated, you need to talk to a lawyer.


Don’t ruin your chances of a successful defense

Engaging in criminal behavior, making a statement to law enforcement, cooperating with federal agents, missing court dates, and posting on social media, among other mistakes, can destroy all your chances of building a successful defense. At Shrader Law, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers will help you avoid these blunders.


Stages of Federal Criminal Prosecution

While the Florida court system has its process of handling criminal cases, the federal criminal justice system is different. At Shrader Law, PLLC, we will represent you at each stage and help you determine the best defense strategy focused on the procedural, factual, and legal circumstances involved in your case.


Federal investigation

Most cases start with an investigation, which can last for days, weeks, and even months. Depending on your circumstances, your case can also involve multiple federal task forces and agencies. During this stage, our lawyers will work to prevent the charges leveled against you from being filed.


Grand jury subpoena

The grand jury is responsible for issuing all federal criminal charges. For you to be charged, the federal prosecutor has to present evidence to the grand jury to decide whether there is cause to proceed with a criminal case. Shrader Law, PLLC criminal defense lawyers will execute the best defense strategy during the grand jury process to attempt to terminate your case.


Criminal trial

If the federal grand jury indicts you because there is probable cause, then your case will proceed to a criminal trial. However, this doesn’t always mean that you will have to fight your case in court. To secure your freedom, our attorneys will work to attempt to get your indictment dismissed before trial. Depending on your situation, they may also work with you and the federal prosecution to negotiate a plea deal that protects you from harsh federal sentencing guidelines.


Speak to a Trusted Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal criminal charges have severe penalties, and it is crucial that you seek representation from a knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience working in both state and federal courts, and they will be with you as you take on the federal criminal justice system. If you’re facing federal criminal charges, contact a criminal defense attorney at Shrader Law, PLLC as soon as possible.