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How to Spot Nursing Home Red Flags
POSTED ON February 15, 2024

Nursing home abuse and neglect are notoriously difficult to identify. Nursing home residents often suffer from physical or cognitive issues that limit their ability to report abuse or neglect. As a result, nursing home cases often rely on observations by visitors and whistleblowers. Nursing Home…

Florida’s Negligent Security Claims
POSTED ON February 10, 2024

Guests reasonably expect to be safe from personal injuries while on someone else’s property in Florida. But this expectation covers more than hazards like wet floors. It also means that you should be reasonably safe from being robbed or assaulted while on someone else’s property. …

How Do You Challenge an Expert Witness?
POSTED ON January 15, 2024

Expert witnesses are a fixture in many cases involving complex factual situations, including criminal cases and personal injury lawsuits. If one party uses an expert witness, the other party will typically counter by retaining their own expert witness.  In a “battle of the experts,” the…

What Is a Typical Plan After a Florida Motor Vehicle Accident?
POSTED ON January 10, 2024

Every car accident is unique in terms of who is involved and the circumstances of the crash. However, what you should do immediately after a crash tends to be similar no matter the type of wreck.  If you find yourself involved in a Florida motor…

Understanding the Differences Between Civil vs. Criminal Cases
POSTED ON December 15, 2023

Unless you have legal training, you may not know much about how the law is divided into criminal and civil matters. Understanding the difference can help you identify which type of lawyer you need to locate when you need help with a legal issue.   What’s…