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The Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit
POSTED ON December 20, 2022

Every personal injury case's facts may differ, but each lawsuit follows the same process to resolve. This process begins in the aftermath of your injury accident and can include preliminary negotiations and attempts to settle any claim before resorting to a lawsuit.  If the negotiations…

Criminal vs. Civil Penalties for DUI in Florida
POSTED ON December 10, 2022

Driving under the influence conviction in Florida results in both civil and criminal penalties. While you and other drivers might fear the criminal penalties, the civil consequences of a DUI conviction can be just as problematic.  The criminal penalties increase in severity for repeat DUI…

What Is the Suspended Imposition of a Sentence?
POSTED ON November 20, 2022

Although many criminal convictions in Florida come with jail or prison time, judges have the discretion to issue alternative measures that can keep many individuals out of custody. Under Florida sentencing guidelines, courts can offer a suspended imposition of a sentence (SIS). This option allows…

Florida’s Repeat Offender Laws
POSTED ON November 7, 2022

In Florida, people who repeatedly commit criminal offenses face added penalties. Due to strict mandatory minimum statutes, multiple convictions can result in severe penalties, including extra jail time for felonies. If you've been charged with multiple offenses in Florida, you should consult with a dedicated…

What Could Happen If I Fail to Appear in Court?
POSTED ON October 20, 2022

If you’re fortunate enough to be out on bond while you await your criminal trial, make sure to attend every court hearing and every day of your trial. If you don’t show up, you will likely have a warrant issued for your arrest, and you…