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Domestic Violence Injunctions
POSTED ON February 20, 2023

When you are served with a restraining order in the state of Florida, you may be uncertain about how to proceed. For this reason, it is critical to contact a skilled criminal and injunction defense attorney. Domestic abuse affects millions of people nationwide annually. Because…

Shrader, Mendez & O’Connell Partners with Samaritan’s Feet
POSTED ON February 6, 2023

The compassionate legal team at Shrader, Mendez & O’Connell has partnered with Samaritan’s Feet for an impactful charity event in the Tampa area. This effort is known as “One City: Destination for Impact.”   What Is One City Tampa? One City Tampa comprises several important community…

Understanding the Timeline of a Personal Injury Case
POSTED ON January 20, 2023

A personal injury claim can be a long and complex legal process. It’s essential to know what to expect if you’re thinking about filing a claim. Although every personal injury case is unique, you should know the timeline of how these cases generally proceed. Seeking…

The Most Common Causes of Wrongful Death
POSTED ON January 12, 2023

Wrongful death claims involve negligence resulting in a loss of life. Although not every death is considered wrongful, you’re entitled to recover compensation when you lose a family member or loved one because of someone’s negligence. In Florida, you can recover damages from the wrongful…

The Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit
POSTED ON December 20, 2022

Every personal injury case's facts may differ, but each lawsuit follows the same process to resolve. This process begins in the aftermath of your injury accident and can include preliminary negotiations and attempts to settle any claim before resorting to a lawsuit.  If the negotiations…