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What Is a Typical Plan After a Florida Motor Vehicle Accident?

Every car accident is unique in terms of who is involved and the circumstances of the crash. However, what you should do immediately after a crash tends to be similar no matter the type of wreck. 

If you find yourself involved in a Florida motor vehicle accident, it is critical that you take decisive steps to protect your health, safety, and legal rights.

What to Do Following a Florida Car Wreck

A car accident can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a plan for handling a car crash, should the unfortunate happen.

Once a car accident occurs, you will want to first make sure that you take the following steps:

  • Get to a safe location out of the way of danger and other traffic
  • Check yourself for injuries and try to assess how severely you have been hurt
  • Evaluate the condition of others involved in the crash

At this point, you will need to decide whether to call 911 and request an ambulance and law enforcement to come to your crash. In Florida, it’s important to request emergency services if any person is injured in any way, if anyone has died, or if there appears to be significant property damage.

Other Key Steps in Your Florida Car Accident Plan

After your immediate needs are taken care of, there will be additional steps you’ll want to include in your plan, such as:

  • Giving your contact and insurance information when asked by police
  • Getting evaluated for injuries at a hospital or doctor’s office
  • Speaking with a skilled Florida lawyer about your rights

Ensure you refrain from discussing the facts of the case with others until you have talked with your lawyer. This includes avoiding apologizing and admitting fault for the crash. Doing so helps to protect the validity of your car accident claim in the future.

With the right car accident plan in place, you can safeguard both your health and your potential claim.

Where to Find an Experienced Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer from the Tampa personal injury law firm of Shrader Mendez & O’Connell can effectively guide you through all stages of your recovery following a car accident. Call us today at 813-360-1529 to speak to a seasoned Florida car accident attorney.

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