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7 Common Drug Crime Arrests
POSTED ON September 15, 2020

Florida has some of the most stringent drug laws in the nation. This extremely low tolerance for the possession of even small amounts of drugs means that you could be harshly punished for something seemingly minor. Those arrested also face legal seizure of personal properties…

Top Criminal Arrests in Florida
POSTED ON August 12, 2020

According to research conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the leading criminal arrests in Florida include theft, fraud, burglary, vandalism, drug crimes, assault or aggravated assault, and robbery. Criminal offenses have severe consequences, including prison sentences, probations, and hefty fines. If you’re arrested for…

The Process of a Criminal Case in Florida
POSTED ON August 12, 2020

An arrest can be a confusing process especially if it’s your first time on the wrong side of the law. It would help to understand your legal rights as well as the process of a criminal case in Florida. Every step in the criminal case…


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