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Understanding How a Bail or Bond Reduction Hearing Works

Courts have considerable discretion in setting the amount of bail or bond you must meet before you can be released from custody on your criminal charges in Florida. Guided only by the constitutional prohibition against unreasonable bail, courts are free to consider a variety of factors to determine what they believe to be an appropriate amount. 

However, you have the right to challenge this amount through a bail or bond reduction hearing.

How to Ask for a Bail or Bond Reduction

At your initial appearance, the court will set your bail amount, often according to a standardized schedule. If you cannot meet this amount by posting bail or a bond, you will remain in custody until your case is over. Asking the court to reduce your bail or bond is the only other way to obtain your release.

These hearings can be scheduled at any time during the pendency of your criminal case. At one of these hearings, your attorney and the prosecutor will present evidence and arguments to the court about the appropriateness of the bond amount. Some of the factors a court might consider include:

  • The seriousness of the present offense
  • Any prior criminal acts you may have committed
  • Your ties to the local community 
  • The amount and persuasiveness of the evidence against you

The court may also weigh the likelihood that you might intimidate or harm any witnesses or victims in your case.

Obtaining a bail or bond reduction is not guaranteed. Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer can significantly increase your chances of success. Specifically, your lawyer can help you gather evidence and present a strong argument in favor of reducing your bail to the court.

Turning to a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Vital

The seasoned team at Shrader, Mendez & O’Connell Attorneys at Law has helped numerous Floridians charged with criminal offenses protect their rights at every stage of the criminal justice process. If you need help obtaining a fair and affordable bond, contact us today at 813-360-1529.

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