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Concussions & Vision Problems After a Car Accident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies motor vehicle accidents as a common cause of traumatic brain injuries, including concussions. Not every car crash results in a concussion, but it can be difficult to know if you sustained one because the symptoms of a concussion can vary significantly from one person to the next.

One potential symptom that can indicate you may have suffered a concussion is a change in your vision. If you were recently involved in a car accident in Florida, it’s important to know what any changes in your vision afterward could mean.

Concussion-Related Vision Difficulties

Changes in your vision following a blow to the head in a car accident can range in severity depending on how serious your concussion is. Blurry vision, double vision, and trouble focusing are all common temporary vision changes you can experience following a concussion. These symptoms should resolve within a few weeks after your accident.

More severe concussions can lead to more long-term changes in your vision. These changes may result from damage to the eyes themselves in addition to brain trauma and may not be fully reversible. Medical treatment and therapy are often necessary to stabilize your vision and potentially repair it.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Care After a Car Crash

Because it’s not easy to know whether you’ve suffered a concussion on your own, it’s essential to seek medical care following any car accident. Your medical provider can evaluate your symptoms — including any vision changes you may be dealing with — and recommend the best course of action to ensure your recovery.

How a Tampa Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If someone else’s negligent actions caused your car crash in Florida, an experienced Tampa car accident attorney from Shrader Mendez & O’Connell may be able to help you seek compensation for your concussion or other injuries you suffered. Contact our skilled team at 813-360-1529 to schedule your consultation today.

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