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Creditors Calling After Your Bankruptcy Discharge

A bankruptcy discharge relieves you of the responsibility for paying the debts included in the bankruptcy filing. This means that you are no longer responsible for the debt after receiving a discharge.

Some creditors and debt collectors keep calling, sending bills, and even threatening you after a bankruptcy discharge. This may trigger important rights that can allow you to seek compensation.

Why Creditors Keep Calling

There are several reasons why creditors and debt collectors may keep contacting you after a bankruptcy discharge:

  • Many debt collectors and creditors may choose to ignore the bankruptcy discharge in an attempt to increase their profits.
  • Some creditors may be aware that you have filed for bankruptcy but may not understand what a debt discharge means or how it affects their ability to collect on a debt.

Simply put, some creditors are simply stubborn about learning or following the law and will keep attempting to recover discharged debts. You may also fall prey to debt buyers who purchase discharged debts cheaply and then contact the debtors about payment. If some of the debtors give in to the pressure and pay, the debt buyers make a profit. The good news is that you can obtain the help of an experienced attorney.

Violation of Federal and Florida Law

Any creditor or debt collector who insists on calling you attempting to collect a discharged debt would be violating both Florida and federal laws.

Actions You Should Take to Stop Creditors from Calling

You should talk to an attorney if creditors or debt collectors continue calling or making efforts to collect a debt after you have filed for bankruptcy. As long as a debt existed before you filed for bankruptcy and were included in your bankruptcy, creditors and debt collectors have no right to contact you after filing for bankruptcy.

When you take legal action against them, you may be entitled to compensation from the creditors for violating the bankruptcy code.

Steps you should take when creditors do not stop calling you

If creditors keep contacting you after filing for bankruptcy, you should:

  1. For every harassing call you receive, ensure that you take notes. Ensure that you keep track of any and all creditors who keep contacting you after a bankruptcy discharge. You should also note down all the threats issued during your conversations with them.
  2. Have a competent attorney by your side. Contact an experienced attorney immediately. With your attorney’s help, you can seek results that require the creditor or debt collector to pay you.

You should never hesitate to contact an attorney if creditors or debt collectors are harassing you after filing for bankruptcy. At Shrader Law, PLLC, we believe that no person deserves to be harassed by creditors or debt collectors after filing for bankruptcy.

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