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Is a Dog Owner Liable for a Dog Bite?

Dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend.” However, it is vital to remember that dogs are animals and can present a serious physical threat.

 If you have been injured following a dog bite in Florida, you may wonder about your legal options. The question of legal liability is paramount in dog bite cases as bite victims often face mounting medical costs.

 Below, we will discuss whether or not dog owners can be held responsible for personal injuries that their pets cause and why it is critical to speak with a personal injury lawyer following a dog attack.

Dog Owner Liability in Florida

In Florida, dog owners can be held accountable for their animal’s behavior under both civil and criminal law. Florida has “strict liability” laws in place regarding dog attacks. 

 This means that owners are liable for injuries caused by their dog’s bites even if they were unaware that their dog would be aggressive. 

Dog bite victims are not required to prove that the dog owner’s negligence caused the attack. As long as the victim was not committing a crime at the time of the attack, the dog owner can be held liable for the resulting harm. 

Limitations on Liability

Under Florida state law, owners cannot be held accountable for a dog bite in some circumstances. 

The limitations on dog owner liability include situations in which:

 The victim was on the property unlawfully

  • The victim provoked the dog
  • The dog bite was in defense of the owner
  • The dog was defending another individual under perceived threat

 If you were the victim of a dog bite, it is critical to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney to explore your legal options as you may be owed financial compensation.

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