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Top Ten Most Common Crimes in Florida

Crimes in FloridaGenerally speaking, Florida is a wonderful place to live, thanks to well over 200 days of sunshine annually, gorgeous greenery, and access to beautiful beaches and waterways. Like every other state, though, Florida has its fair share of crime. 

What are the most common crimes in the state? According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the following crimes were among the most numerous in 2018. 


Larceny was the most pervasive crime in the state. Larceny involves the theft of personal property. Larceny is also the most common crime throughout the U.S., according to FBI data. 

Domestic Violence

Acts of violence between people who were in an intimate relationship in a domestic setting sit in the number two spot on the list.


This property crime, which entails illegally entering a building with the intent to commit a crime, is the third most common crime to be committed in the state of Florida. 

Aggravated Assault

More serious than assault, this violent crime involves the use of a weapon and/or intent to seriously harm another. 

Motor Vehicle Theft

Categorized as property crime, motor vehicle theft includes stealing or attempting to steal an automobile. Motor vehicle theft is the fifth most common type of crime in Florida.


Driving under the influence might not be as prevalent as you’d suspect, but there were still 32,177 arrests for DUI offenses in 2018. 


The robbery was another common form of violent crime. Robbery is defined as taking or attempting to take something by force or threat of force. 


Fraud, which includes false pretenses and swindling, credit card or ATM fraud, impersonation (identity theft), welfare fraud, and wire fraud, comes in for the 8th spot on our list of common crimes. 

Liquor Law Violations

In 2018, the state cited 10,591 violations related to the “manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, or use of intoxicating alcoholic beverages,” and it represents the 9th most common crime in the state.


Categorized as a violent crime and sexual offense, rape is the final type of crime on the top ten list for the state of Florida.

Thankfully, murder doesn’t make the top ten list. With that being said, any crime can come with significant consequences if you are convicted. 

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Florida, you need expert legal advice and representation to fight the charges against you.  

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