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How Many Drinks Are “Over the Limit” in Florida?
POSTED ON June 10, 2023

When you’re out having drinks, it can be easy to lose yourself and quickly go over the limit, but knowing what the limit even is and how many drinks you can have before you get there depends on several factors.  DUI Laws in Florida Before…

Can You Go to Jail for Speeding in Florida?
POSTED ON May 20, 2023

Florida's law enforcement officials write hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets across the state each year. Some tickets are noncriminal traffic infractions, such as running a stop sign, using the HOV lane without a second person in the vehicle, or driving less than 30 miles…

Criminal vs. Civil Penalties for DUI in Florida
POSTED ON December 10, 2022

Driving under the influence conviction in Florida results in both civil and criminal penalties. While you and other drivers might fear the criminal penalties, the civil consequences of a DUI conviction can be just as problematic.  The criminal penalties increase in severity for repeat DUI…