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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle drivers commonly attest to how much they love their bikes. Riding a motorcycle can give drivers a sense of freedom, as they can easily weave their way through traffic and feel the wind in their face. Motorcycles are also cheaper to drive, especially with rising gas prices.

However, motorcyclists often risk injury, especially when a crash occurs. The lack of protection between a motorcyclist and the road can lead to severe wounds and even be fatal. A few of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

Driving Under the Influence

It’s never a great idea to drink and drive, but with a motorcycle, it can be even more dangerous. Being under the influence can lead to delayed reactions and poor choices when on the road. Motorcyclists should leave their bikes at home if they plan to drink at a restaurant or bar.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Motorcyclists have the convenience of being able to weave through traffic due to their bike’s small size. However, weaving carries an additional risk. Drivers of cars and trucks are less likely to see a motorcyclist in heavy traffic, and this lack of awareness can result in an accident.


It can be tempting to speed, especially on open roads with limited traffic. However, motorcyclists who choose to speed are at a greater risk of losing control of their bikes, resulting in an accident. In addition, a sudden change on the road — such as a turning vehicle — can result in a collision.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Rain, snow, ice, and wind can affect how a bike is handled on the road. Poor road and weather conditions have the potential to result in an accident. Motorcyclists are wise to stay off the road in poor weather and use additional caution if they must go out on their bikes.

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