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Florida Laws on Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic drugs are artificially manufactured using ingredients that may be natural or man-made. They are produced in a laboratory or in another location, and they can be illegally sold to individuals who just want to get high. 

One of the most common types of synthetic drugs is synthetic marijuana (also known as K2 or Spice), which mimics the effects of marijuana. The rise in the illegal production of synthetic marijuana has led to dangerous health emergencies and death. Therefore, the State of Florida has taken a tough stance on these types of drugs and has classified them as Schedule I substances. 

What Is a Synthetic Drug Charge?

A synthetic drug charge can be a result of the illegal possession or manufacture of a drug. 

The increasing number of synthetic drug variants available today along with the higher toxicity poses serious risks to the general public as these drugs have the potential for abuse. They are often classified as stimulants, depressants, or hallucinogens and are not advised by doctors.

Under current Florida law, users or manufacturers of synthetic drugs may be criminally charged.  Some charges may be a first-degree misdemeanor with penalties of up to a year of probation or jail with a fine of $1,000.  Other charges may be third-degree felonies resulting in up to five years of imprisonment or probation with a fine of $5,000. Essentially, the more synthetic drugs that you have in your possession, the higher the chance that you will receive a substantial penalty. 

Overcoming Synthetic Drug Charges

If you have recently been charged for the possession of synthetic drugs, it’s important to have legal representation from a skilled attorney, who is well-knowledgeable about Florida’s synthetic drug laws. Contact Shrader & Mendez Attorneys at Law today at (813) 360-1529 for a free consultation. 


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