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Understanding Personal Injury Settlements for Minors

Injuries do not just happen to adults. Unfortunately, your minor child could find themselves injured in a car accident or an incident at school. Just as you have the legal right to pursue compensation after a personal injury, your child also has legal rights if another person negligently causes them harm.

However, unlike you, your minor child cannot directly participate in the legal system. The law does not recognize their legal right to represent their interests in court or their ability to pursue their own interests. As a result, obtaining a settlement for your child in a personal injury case does not look the same as it does for an adult. 

Court Approval May Be Necessary

Suppose your child has only suffered minor injuries, and the harm they sustained is likely to result in medical bills and other costs under $15,000. You may be able to file a claim against the appropriate insurer and negotiate the payment of that claim without any court involvement.

However, if you file a lawsuit or if the settlement is expected to exceed $15,000, you will need to get the court’s approval of any agreement you reach. The court will consider whether the proposed settlement is in the minor child’s best interests when deciding whether to give its approval.

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