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Why You Should Never Fail to Appear in Court

Anyone should take notice to appear in a Florida court seriously. Failure to appear usually results in negative consequences. 

If you cannot make it to a court date, you can work with the courts to request a continuance or reschedule the date in question. Learn more about the importance of appearing in the court below.

Criminal Cases

When you fail to appear at any pre-trial hearing during a criminal case in Florida, the judge may issue an order of arrest, also called a bench warrant. 

In some situations, your attorney can explain a valid reason for failing to appear and prevent a warrant. In other cases, you may be able to appear telephonically. The circumstances largely depend on your situation.

Additionally, a failure to appear will likely result in a revocation of your bail. You could lose thousands of dollars and remain in custody until your case is resolved. Depending on the prosecutor, they could even request additional criminal charges be brought against you.

Civil Cases

If you’re involved in a civil case, such as a divorce, a personal injury claim, or a small claims lawsuit, failure to appear may result in the court entering into a default judgment. A default judgment means the court will rule in favor of the opposing party due to your non-appearance.

Subpoenas and Summons

Many people are summoned or subpoenaed by the court to serve as witnesses and give testimony on criminal and civil matters.

You could face criminal contempt when a Florida court requests your appearance, and you fail to show up. A judge could issue a warrant for your arrest to enforce the subpoena. 

You should take any request to appear in court as a witness seriously. If you have a scheduling conflict, you should reach out to the court to resolve the issue instead of not showing up.

Court Appearances in Tampa

The bottom line is that you should never miss a court date. If you’re concerned about a court appearance, call Shrader & Mendez, Attorneys at Law, at (813) 360-1529. 

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